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Our Practice

We believe in ultimate patient satisfaction.

At Cornwall Dental, Dr. Stephen Phen is a dedicated Regina dentist continuously looking to provide the most advanced dental treatments available to his patients. Dental treatments are customized to ensure that the needs of each patient are met.

We believe in ultimate patient satisfaction. By working with our patients to develop an understanding of dental needs and desired results, we are able to address our patients concerns efficiently and effectively. We use presentation aids such as videos, photographs, x-rays and study models to discuss multiple treatment options in order to help our patients decide on the best treatment.


Our dental technology ensures that our patients can feel more comfortable with procedures, experience less downtime with recovery and achieve optimal results.

  • Nobel Biocare Implant System – this technology is comprised of biologically driven dental implants, to help deliver more success for patients needed Implant dentistry.
  • Before and After Digital Photography – this technology allows our patients to see how their faces would look like with procedures such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and cosmetic crowns.
  • Nitrous Oxide – can make you rest more easily when you are at the dentist office. At our office we often use oral sedative and nitrous oxide to achieve mild to moderate sedation for patients undergoing more difficult procedures.
  • Laser Periodontal Gum Treatment – this technology allows for periodontal treatment to take place with a laser instead of periodontal surgery. This laser can also be used for different cosmetic gum procedures. The process is painless, easy to recover from, and delivers efficient results.
  • Mercury-Free Filling – Dr. Stephen Phen has not used filling material containing mercury ( commonly called amalgam or silver filling ) since 1999. In our practice we use bonded restoration and composites which are tooth colored.